WANDAVISION | 1×8 “Previously On” Review

WandaVision is racing towards a close with its eighth episode: Previously On. Last time, everything we thought we knew was turned on its head. Does this episode do a good job picking up the pieces? Or, is the show running out of steam? Read on to find out! Last time on WandaVision, we found out … Continue reading WANDAVISION | 1×8 “Previously On” Review

WANDAVISION | 1×7 “Breaking the Fourth Wall” Review

WandaVision is reaching its endgame as it releases its seventh and antepenultimate episode. And what an episode! Funny, spooky and utterly game-changing, there's a lot to talk about in Breaking the Fourth Wall. So, without further ado, on with the review! Last week's episode, All-New Halloween Spooktacular, closed with the shocking moment of Wanda expanding … Continue reading WANDAVISION | 1×7 “Breaking the Fourth Wall” Review