REVIEW: The Robots 2

After the brilliant first series of The Robots, this second volume was always high on my most-anticipated releases list for 2020. Completely by chance, I happened to be watching The Robots of Death (released as part of the Doctor Who: The Collection- Season 14 boxset that came out a few months back) when the notification … Continue reading REVIEW: The Robots 2

REVIEW: “Emissary of the Daleks”

After an absence of five years, the Sixth Doctor (Colin Baker) and Peri (Nicola Bryant) return to the monthly range in this new trilogy of adventures. "Emissary of the Daleks" is the second in this run, which aims to replicate the style of season 22. But is this story a success? Read on to find … Continue reading REVIEW: “Emissary of the Daleks”

Transference Review

Last year, Big Finish started producing original drama with their Big Finish Originals range, and the latest instalment in the line has just been released. With a fantastic cast and intriguing premise, "Transference" has been at the top of my most-anticipated list since its announcement in January. But is it a success? Read on to … Continue reading Transference Review