REVIEW: Doctor Who – These Stolen Hours

This month's Short Trip is These Stolen Hours, a new adventure for the Sixth Doctor and Charley written by Grace Knight. Read by India Fisher, this story sees the Doctor and Charley arrive on a space station made of glass, where a group of researchers have lost their memories of the past two weeks. Joining … Continue reading REVIEW: Doctor Who – These Stolen Hours

REVIEW: Torchwood- Red Base

The Torchwood monthly range continues with Red Base, written by James Goss. Set in Starr Base, a practice Mars base set up in a Welsh quarry, this story sees Andy Davidson (Tom Price) arrive to investigate the mysterious deaths of three crew members. As he becomes further involved, he finds himself trapped inside the base … Continue reading REVIEW: Torchwood- Red Base


A couple of months ago, it was announced that the Fifth Doctor would be reuniting with Abby and Zara, the stars of spin-off series Graceless, in Wicked Sisters, a new three-story boxset by Simon Guerrier. The premise immediately intrigued me, but there was one small problem... I'd never listened to Graceless before! So, when all … Continue reading CAPSULE REVIEW: Graceless 1

REVIEW: Scorched Earth

The Sixth Doctor's adventures with Flip and Constance continue in this month's main range release: Scorched Earth. Written by Chris Chapman, whose other scripts for the Sixth Doctor (and, indeed, his UNIT story Hosts of the Wirrn) I've found to be absolutely outstanding, this story is undeniably the release I've been looking forward to most … Continue reading REVIEW: Scorched Earth

REVIEW: The Paternoster Gang- Heritage 3

The Paternoster Gang return for three new stories in the third installment in the Heritage series. Read on to find out my thoughts on each exciting tale! 1. "Family Matters" by Lisa McMullin The first story in the set, Family Matters, sees Jenny reunite with her parents as their travelling circus comes to town while … Continue reading REVIEW: The Paternoster Gang- Heritage 3

REVIEW: Susan’s War

Almost three years after we saw her accept the summons to the Time War in All Hands on Deck, Susan returns in this boxset of four all-new adventures. Seeing the titular character go up against Daleks, Ogrons, Sensorites and more, as well as reuniting with her grandfather, Susan's War has an incredibly thrilling premise. But … Continue reading REVIEW: Susan’s War