RETRO REVIEWS: “Across the Darkened City”/”Fields of Terror”

For today's First Doctor Retro Reviews, we have two Companion Chronicles released in 2017: "Across the Darkened City" and "Fields of Terror". Read on to hear my thoughts on these two releases. "Across the Darkened City" by David Bartlett What a unique and fascinating story! Following Steven Taylor (Peter Purves) and a Dalek (Nicholas Briggs) … Continue reading RETRO REVIEWS: “Across the Darkened City”/”Fields of Terror”

RETRO REVIEW: “Arrangements for War”

Following on from the shocking ending of "Project: Lazarus", "Arrangements for War" is the next story I'll be reviewing as part of my Big Finish Retro Reviews series. Be warned, this review WILL contain spoilers! Written by Paul Sutton, this release deals with the immediate aftermath of Evelyn and the Doctor's argument at the end … Continue reading RETRO REVIEW: “Arrangements for War”