RETRO REVIEW: “A Death in the Family”

Whenever I look at lists of top Big Finish stories, this one is always at the top, so I was a little concerned when I started listening to it. Would it live up to the hype? Could this really be the best Big Finish story ever? The short answer? Yes, on both counts. Read on … Continue reading RETRO REVIEW: “A Death in the Family”

RETRO REVIEW: “Thicker Than Water”

In our next Retro Review, we rejoin the Sixth Doctor and Evelyn... but things have changed between the two. This review will contain spoilers, so read on at your own risk! Set after Evelyn's departure from the TARDIS, this story is a sequel to "Arrangements for War", taking place during the Doctor's travels with Mel … Continue reading RETRO REVIEW: “Thicker Than Water”

RETRO REVIEW: “Arrangements for War”

Following on from the shocking ending of "Project: Lazarus", "Arrangements for War" is the next story I'll be reviewing as part of my Big Finish Retro Reviews series. Be warned, this review WILL contain spoilers! Written by Paul Sutton, this release deals with the immediate aftermath of Evelyn and the Doctor's argument at the end … Continue reading RETRO REVIEW: “Arrangements for War”

RETRO REVIEW: “Project: Twilight”

Over the next few weeks, I'll be journeying back through the Big Finish Monthly Range and following the Evelyn/Hex arc, starting with this story and ending with "Lurkers at Sunlight's Edge". I'm really excited to get started on this saga; Evelyn and Hex are two of the companions I know the least about, so it'll … Continue reading RETRO REVIEW: “Project: Twilight”