REVIEW: The Robots 2

After the brilliant first series of The Robots, this second volume was always high on my most-anticipated releases list for 2020. Completely by chance, I happened to be watching The Robots of Death (released as part of the Doctor Who: The Collection- Season 14 boxset that came out a few months back) when the notification … Continue reading REVIEW: The Robots 2

REVIEW: Ravenous 4

The Ravenous saga concludes with this four-part boxset, which features the epic combination of one Doctor, two companions, four Masters and the Eleven. Beware: this review will contain spoilers for all of the stories, so be sure to have listened to the set before you scroll any further. Seriously, you do not want this spoiled … Continue reading REVIEW: Ravenous 4

Ravenous 3 Review

The Ravenous are back, in this new boxset of audio adventures from Big Finish. After an intriguing first two sets, I'm incredibly interested to see where this series goes next. Read on to find out my spoiler-free thoughts! 1. "Deeptime Frontier" by Matt Fitton The opening story of this boxset follows on directly from the … Continue reading Ravenous 3 Review