REVIEW: Stranded 1

It's time for the start of a brand-new Eighth Doctor saga! Following on from the dramatic conclusion of Ravenous, which saw the TARDIS put out of action, Stranded sees the Doctor, Helen and Liv stuck in London, 2020, balancing everyday life with alien encounters! It's a great concept for a new series, but is it … Continue reading REVIEW: Stranded 1

The Comic Strip Adaptations Review

The Fourth Doctor returns in a new series of audio adventures adapted from Doctor Who Magazine's comic strip. Having never read the original strips, I was excited to see what all the hype was about, and these two stories definitely delivered! Read on to find out what I thought of each story. "Doctor Who and … Continue reading The Comic Strip Adaptations Review

SEASON 18 REVIEW: “The Leisure Hive”

My Season 18 boxset has arrived, and with it a new series of reviews! Join me as I journey into uncharted territory and watch and review Tom Baker's final season as the Fourth Doctor. First up: "The Leisure Hive". Right from the opening scene, a seemingly-endless pan over Brighton Beach, I knew this story was … Continue reading SEASON 18 REVIEW: “The Leisure Hive”

COMING SOON: Season 18 Reviews

Having just received by Doctor Who The Collection: Season 18 boxset in the post, I'll be spending the next few weeks and months reviewing the various stories contained within. I'm very excited to get started on this series; my experiences with Classic Who have primarily been through Big Finish, though I have, of course, watched … Continue reading COMING SOON: Season 18 Reviews