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REVIEW | Torchwood: Curios

Harvey Edwards reviews the latest Torchwood release, which sees Murray Melvin return as the sinister Bilis Manger… Over the past few months, we’ve seen a few returning faces in Big Finish‘s Torchwood Monthly Range – Yvonne Hartman, Adam Smith and Zachary Cross Flane have all returned on audio this year. This month’s release, Curios, sees another returning face … Continue reading REVIEW | Torchwood: Curios

REVIEW | Torchwood: Empire of Shadows

Harvey Edwards tackles the latest Torchwood release, which sees the return of a familiar face… Despite Big Finish having a number of releases exploring 19th Century Torchwood, 1950s Torchwood, 2006 tv-era Torchwood, and 2016-current Torchwood, James Goss‘s Empire of Shadows is only their second release (after 2016’s The Torchwood Archive) that delves into the organisation’s future. This release … Continue reading REVIEW | Torchwood: Empire of Shadows