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REVIEW | Torchwood: The Red List

Harvey Edwards tackles the latest Torchwood release, which sees the return of two old friends. So far in the Torchwood range this year we’ve had stories about coffee, taxis, mould, and third wheels. We’ve also seen the return of Yvonne Hartman, Adam Smith, Zachary Cross Flane, Bilis Manger, and even had an appearance from a Sontaran. It’s … Continue reading REVIEW | Torchwood: The Red List

REVIEW | Missy and the Monk

Kieran Brennan reviews Missy’s latest series of adventures Missy is back, and this time she’s not alone. Joined by Rufus Hound‘s Meddling Monk, Michelle Gomez‘s iconic incarnation of the Master makes her return in three new audio adventures, which culminate in a showdown with Gemma Whelan‘s Meddling Nun, first seen in this year’s Dalek Universe … Continue reading REVIEW | Missy and the Monk