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Big Finish Top 10 (2021)


Just like that, we've reached the end of another year, and, as usual, we're going to be taking a look back at the top ten Big Finish releases of the last twelve months. It's certainly been quite an exciting year for audio drama, with the long-awaited return of Christopher Eccleston as the Ninth Doctor; the … Continue reading Big Finish Top 10 (2021)

REVIEW | The Sixth Doctor Adventures: Water Worlds

A new era begins for the Sixth Doctor! Water Worlds, the first instalment in a revamped series of Sixth Doctor Adventures from Big Finish, sees Old Sixie and his trusty companion Mel encounter Hebe Harrison (Ruth Madeley), a wheelchair-using marine biologist, who joins them on their adventures through time and space. In these three stories, … Continue reading REVIEW | The Sixth Doctor Adventures: Water Worlds


Kieran Brennan reviews the next Eighth Doctor and Lucie adventure: Brave New Town! Landing in the mid noughties, the Doctor and Lucie are quite surprised that everyone around them is insistent on the fact that no, despite what the TARDIS may say, this is not the mid noughties, it's the early 90s. Well, I suppose … Continue reading THE EIGHTH DOCTOR REVISITED | Brave New Town

REVIEW | Torchwood: War Chest

George Hewitt reviews May's Torchwood release: War Chest! War Chest is the debut Torchwood story for writer Rossa McPhillips, and also for director Samuel Clemens. It's also the first Tosh story in over a year, and is a very different sort of Torchwood story than listeners may be used to. The plot centres around the Antebellum, Torchwood's storage of alien … Continue reading REVIEW | Torchwood: War Chest

REVIEW | The War Doctor Begins: Battlegrounds

The War Doctor returns! Jonathon Carley is back for another three audio adventures, as the Doctor's most secret incarnation becomes further embroiled in the Time War. Forged in Fire (review here) and Warbringer (review here) were #3 and #2 respectively on our Big Finish Top 10 of 2021, so my expectations are high for this … Continue reading REVIEW | The War Doctor Begins: Battlegrounds

REVIEW | The Emerald Tiger

The Doctor, Tegan, Turlough and Nyssa arrive in Calcutta in 1926, and immediately become embroiled in the search for a lost world teeming with strange creatures. With Tegan and Turlough trapped on a train with a tiger and a homicidal British Army major, the Doctor and Nyssa must track them across India's countryside, before they … Continue reading REVIEW | The Emerald Tiger

REVIEW | The Ninth Doctor Adventures: Back to Earth

Who'd have thought it? This time two years ago, the likelihood of any further adventures for Christopher Eccleston's Ninth Doctor seemed very slim indeed... and now here we are in 2022, with his FIFTH Big Finish boxset! Back to Earth is the first of four sets making up the second series of Ninth Doctor Adventures, … Continue reading REVIEW | The Ninth Doctor Adventures: Back to Earth

REVIEW | Torchwood One: Nightmares

Yvonne, Ianto and the Torchwood One team return in Torchwood One: Nightmares, reviewed by George Hewitt Torchwood One is back! After 2019's Latter Days seemed like the last release in the series (it brought the series up to the Doctor Who TV story Army of Ghosts/Doomsday in which Torchwood One originally fell), Nightmares takes us back to 2005, the early days of Torchwood London, … Continue reading REVIEW | Torchwood One: Nightmares

REVIEW | Torchwood: Infidel Places

George Hewitt reviews the latest Torchwood story: Infidel Places! Una McCormack's first contribution to Big Finish's Torchwood range is an excellent story about sexism and misogyny, told through Queen Victoria's visit to Cambridge University, which allows for the welcome return of Rowena Cooper to the role. It's clear from very early on in this story what the … Continue reading REVIEW | Torchwood: Infidel Places

REVIEW | The Companion Chronicles- The Second Doctor: Volume Three

After almost three years, the Companion Chronicles return! This boxset was due back in 2020, but, as you can probably imagine, certain circumstances meant that couldn't happen, and so here we are in 2022, finally listening to four new stories in one of Big Finish's most consistently strong ranges. But has this been worth the … Continue reading REVIEW | The Companion Chronicles- The Second Doctor: Volume Three

REVIEW | Doctor of War: Genesis

Doctor Who: Unbound returns! For the first time in fifteen years, Big Finish takes a sideways step into an alternate Doctor Who timeline, exploring what would happen if the Fourth Doctor did destroy the Daleks on Skaro, before regenerating into an incarnation known as the Warrior. Colin Baker stars in these three new audio adventures, … Continue reading REVIEW | Doctor of War: Genesis