Doctor Who: Season 24 Reviews

Often hailed as one of the worst series of Classic Doctor Who, Season 24, released in 1987, is the latest set of episodes released as part of Doctor Who: The Collection. As such, I'll be going through the four episodes that comprise this most controversial of seasons (for the first time!), and reviewing them here. … Continue reading Doctor Who: Season 24 Reviews

SPOILER-FREE PREVIEW | Doctor Who : Dark Dimension (Part 1)

Coming soon: an audio drama adaptation of the shelved Doctor Who 30th anniversary special The Dark Dimension. Starting January 23rd 2020, Pharos Features’ Doctor Who: Dark Dimension will reimagine the unmade story almost 30 years after its demise. We at Who Review have been lucky enough to have been given the first episode of Dark Dimension to preview. Given that … Continue reading SPOILER-FREE PREVIEW | Doctor Who : Dark Dimension (Part 1)

REVIEW: Scorched Earth

The Sixth Doctor's adventures with Flip and Constance continue in this month's main range release: Scorched Earth. Written by Chris Chapman, whose other scripts for the Sixth Doctor (and, indeed, his UNIT story Hosts of the Wirrn) I've found to be absolutely outstanding, this story is undeniably the release I've been looking forward to most … Continue reading REVIEW: Scorched Earth

REVIEW: Doctor Who – “Shadow of the Sun”

Yesterday, Big Finish released their first audio drama recorded entirely in lockdown: Shadow of the Sun, by Robert Valentine. Of course, Big Finish often record parts of their releases remotely, as certain actors live outside the country and can't join the rest of the cast, but this is the first time that the entire cast … Continue reading REVIEW: Doctor Who – “Shadow of the Sun”

REVIEW: Susan’s War

Almost three years after we saw her accept the summons to the Time War in All Hands on Deck, Susan returns in this boxset of four all-new adventures. Seeing the titular character go up against Daleks, Ogrons, Sensorites and more, as well as reuniting with her grandfather, Susan's War has an incredibly thrilling premise. But … Continue reading REVIEW: Susan’s War

REVIEW: The Diary of River Song Volume Six

River Song is back for more audio adventures, and this time she's delving into the worlds of previous Doctor Who stories. But can these stories succeed on more than just nostalgia? Read on to find out my thoughts! 1. "An Unearthly Woman" by Matt Fitton As the title suggests, this story sees River step into … Continue reading REVIEW: The Diary of River Song Volume Six

SEASON 18 REVIEW: “The Leisure Hive”

My Season 18 boxset has arrived, and with it a new series of reviews! Join me as I journey into uncharted territory and watch and review Tom Baker's final season as the Fourth Doctor. First up: "The Leisure Hive". Right from the opening scene, a seemingly-endless pan over Brighton Beach, I knew this story was … Continue reading SEASON 18 REVIEW: “The Leisure Hive”