COMING SOON: Season 18 Reviews

Having just received by Doctor Who The Collection: Season 18 boxset in the post, I'll be spending the next few weeks and months reviewing the various stories contained within. I'm very excited to get started on this series; my experiences with Classic Who have primarily been through Big Finish, though I have, of course, watched … Continue reading COMING SOON: Season 18 Reviews

SHORT TRIPS: “The Revisionists” Review

The first Short Trip of 2019 is out now, and with a new producer, a new cover design and a new writer to the range, it feels almost like the series is getting a reboot for the new year. But how does "The Revisionists" shape up? Read on to find out! Written by Andy¬†Frankham-Allen and read by Louise¬†Jameson, "The Revisionists" is an absolute … Continue reading SHORT TRIPS: “The Revisionists” Review