REVIEW | Doctor of War: Genesis

Doctor Who: Unbound returns! For the first time in fifteen years, Big Finish takes a sideways step into an alternate Doctor Who timeline, exploring what would happen if the Fourth Doctor did destroy the Daleks on Skaro, before regenerating into an incarnation known as the Warrior. Colin Baker stars in these three new audio adventures, … Continue reading REVIEW | Doctor of War: Genesis


Guest contributor Kieran Brennan takes a look at the earth-shattering season finale to the Eighth Doctor's second series of audio adventures: Neverland! Charlotte Pollard being rescued from the R101 is breaking the Web of Time. Finally caught by the Time Lords, the Doctor and Charley must finally face the consequences of messing with history... and … Continue reading THE EIGHTH DOCTOR REVISITED | Neverland

RETRO REVIEW | Doctor Who: The Catalyst

It was Louise Jameson's birthday yesterday, so what better time to look back on her first Companion Chronicle in the role of Leela: The Catalyst by Nigel Fairs! This was one of the first Big Finish releases I ever listened to, so it's always been a favourite of mine... but does it stand up to … Continue reading RETRO REVIEW | Doctor Who: The Catalyst

REVIEW | Gallifrey: Time War 4

The Gallifrey: Time War saga comes to an end in this four-part boxset. Read on for my thoughts, and beware: there are some mild spoilers! The set opens with Deception by Lisa McMullin, which sees Narvin (Se├ín Carlsen), Leela (Louise Jameson) and Rayo (Omar Austin) arrive at the headquarters of group resisting the Time War. … Continue reading REVIEW | Gallifrey: Time War 4

REVIEW: The War Master – Hearts of Darkness

The War Master returns! Derek Jacobi is back as the Time Lord we all love to hate, and this time he's joined by Paul McGann as the Eighth Doctor! Sparks flew the last time they met in Rage of the Time Lords, but will Hearts of Darkness be just as good? Read on to find … Continue reading REVIEW: The War Master – Hearts of Darkness

REVIEW: The Eighth Doctor- Time War 4

The Time War rages on in The Eighth Doctor: Time War 4! Read on for my thoughts on each episode. 1. "Palindrome" by John Dorney The set opens with Palindrome, a two-part story by John Dorney. Following on from The War Valeyard in the previous set, which saw the titular character end the Time War … Continue reading REVIEW: The Eighth Doctor- Time War 4

REVIEW: Susan’s War

Almost three years after we saw her accept the summons to the Time War in All Hands on Deck, Susan returns in this boxset of four all-new adventures. Seeing the titular character go up against Daleks, Ogrons, Sensorites and more, as well as reuniting with her grandfather, Susan's War has an incredibly thrilling premise. But … Continue reading REVIEW: Susan’s War

Doctor Who: “Spyfall: Part Two” Review

After last episode's shocking cliffhanger, Doctor Who Series 12 resumes with Spyfall: Part Two. Part One of this story was quite honestly some of the best Doctor Who we've had in years, so I was incredibly excited to get into part two. Read on to see my thoughts. If you haven't yet read our review … Continue reading Doctor Who: “Spyfall: Part Two” Review