REVIEW | Doctor Who: Peladon

Fifty years after our first visit, we return to the planet Peladon for four new audio adventures. Journeying from the reigns of King Peladon and Queen Thalira, to the uncharted future of this far-off world, this new boxset promises political intrigue, adventure, and the return of many, many old friends. But is it any good? … Continue reading REVIEW | Doctor Who: Peladon

REVIEW | Doctor Who- The Fifth Doctor Adventures: Forty 1

With the aptly-titled Forty, Big Finish is celebrating forty years since Peter Davison's Fifth Doctor make his debut in 1982's Castrovalva. As the fifth incarnation of our favourite Time Lord is flung back and forth along his timeline, he'll encounter old friends, and face off against the Cybermen and the Ice Warriors. It's an interesting … Continue reading REVIEW | Doctor Who- The Fifth Doctor Adventures: Forty 1

REVIEW: “Cry of the Vultriss”

The Sixth Doctor, Flip and Constance return for a new trilogy of adventures, starting with Cry of the Vultriss by Darren Jones. Last seen in the brilliant Static way back in 2017, the reunion of this particular TARDIS team has been long-awaited, particularly given the way we left Constance at the end of that adventure. … Continue reading REVIEW: “Cry of the Vultriss”