REVIEW | Torchwood: War Chest

George Hewitt reviews May's Torchwood release: War Chest! War Chest is the debut Torchwood story for writer Rossa McPhillips, and also for director Samuel Clemens. It's also the first Tosh story in over a year, and is a very different sort of Torchwood story than listeners may be used to. The plot centres around the Antebellum, Torchwood's storage of alien … Continue reading REVIEW | Torchwood: War Chest

REVIEW | Torchwood: Infidel Places

George Hewitt reviews the latest Torchwood story: Infidel Places! Una McCormack's first contribution to Big Finish's Torchwood range is an excellent story about sexism and misogyny, told through Queen Victoria's visit to Cambridge University, which allows for the welcome return of Rowena Cooper to the role. It's clear from very early on in this story what the … Continue reading REVIEW | Torchwood: Infidel Places

REVIEW | Torchwood: The Black Knight

Harvey Edwards reviews this very special Torchwood release: The Black Knight! We have a beginning and an ending this month from the Torchwood Monthly Range, with Lizbeth Myles' first contribution to the series - The Black Knight. This release is also Scott Handcock's final Monthly Range story as director. This story serves as the replacement for last year's … Continue reading REVIEW | Torchwood: The Black Knight

REVIEW | Torchwood: Sonny

Harvey Edwards looks at this month's Torchwood release: Sonny Lizzie Hopley's first entry into Big Finish's Torchwood range was 2017's excellent The Dying Room. Sonny is only her second story for the range, but it absolutely lives up to her previous work. Sonny reunites Rhys (Kai Owen) with his mum Brenda (Nerys Hughes), for a story about A.I., the elderly, and family … Continue reading REVIEW | Torchwood: Sonny

REVIEW | Torchwood: Cadoc Point

Harvey Edwards reviews the first Torchwood release of 2022: Cadoc Point. After a worrying extended period of no Torchwood news from Big Finish, we finally got details on the first four releases of this year on 21st January. Less than a week later, Cadoc Point was released. The first solo Andy story since 2020's Red Base (review here), Cadoc Point follows Andy … Continue reading REVIEW | Torchwood: Cadoc Point

REVIEW | Torchwood: The Red List

Harvey Edwards tackles the latest Torchwood release, which sees the return of two old friends. So far in the Torchwood range this year we've had stories about coffee, taxis, mould, and third wheels. We've also seen the return of Yvonne Hartman, Adam Smith, Zachary Cross Flane, Bilis Manger, and even had an appearance from a Sontaran. It's … Continue reading REVIEW | Torchwood: The Red List

REVIEW | Torchwood: The Great Sontaran War

Harvey Edwards takes a look at Torchwood's 15th anniversary release, which sees Ianto Jones encounter the warmongering Sontarans! James Goss's penultimate Torchwood Monthly Range story of the year is an interesting one. To celebrate the series's 15th anniversary, Goss made the decision to write a comedy about a Sontaran living in a caravan park. Though … Continue reading REVIEW | Torchwood: The Great Sontaran War

REVIEW | Torchwood: Curios

Harvey Edwards reviews the latest Torchwood release, which sees Murray Melvin return as the sinister Bilis Manger... Over the past few months, we've seen a few returning faces in Big Finish's Torchwood Monthly Range - Yvonne Hartman, Adam Smith and Zachary Cross Flane have all returned on audio this year. This month's release, Curios, sees another returning face … Continue reading REVIEW | Torchwood: Curios

REVIEW | Doctor Who: The Lost Resort and Other Stories

It's been a year, but we're finally rejoining the Fifth Doctor, Nyssa, Tegan and Marc as their series of adventures finally comes to a close! Having rated each of the previous instalments in this arc either four or (a very rare!) five stars, I'm thrilled that we finally have a conclusion to this wonderful collection … Continue reading REVIEW | Doctor Who: The Lost Resort and Other Stories


It's the beginning of the end, as Kieran Brennan takes on the penultimate Eighth Doctor Monthly Adventure: Absolution! Time is up for C’rizz. His secrets come to the forefront as his past actions and secretive nature put his friends in danger. The time of C’rizz has come, and with it could be the end of … Continue reading THE EIGHTH DOCTOR REVISITED | Absolution