REVIEW | Torchwood: The Great Sontaran War

Harvey Edwards takes a look at Torchwood's 15th anniversary release, which sees Ianto Jones encounter the warmongering Sontarans! James Goss's penultimate Torchwood Monthly Range story of the year is an interesting one. To celebrate the series's 15th anniversary, Goss made the decision to write a comedy about a Sontaran living in a caravan park. Though … Continue reading REVIEW | Torchwood: The Great Sontaran War

REVIEW: Doctor Who – Wicked Sisters

The Graceless sisters are back, and this time they're joined by the Doctor (Peter Davison) and Leela (Louise Jameson) in Wicked Sisters: a new three-part audio boxset from Big Finish Productions. Having delved into the Graceless series over the summer (which I absolutely loved- check out my review of series one here), I'm looking forward … Continue reading REVIEW: Doctor Who – Wicked Sisters