REVIEW | Doctor Who: Stranded 4

It's the end... but the moment has been prepared for. The Stranded series comes to an earth-shattering conclusion in Stranded 4: a collection of four all-new audio adventures from Big Finish! While the first boxset in the series was Who Review's favourite release of 2020 (see the full rankings here), volumes two and three didn't … Continue reading REVIEW | Doctor Who: Stranded 4

REVIEW | Doctor Who: Stranded 3

The Stranded series hurtles towards its close with Stranded 3, out now from Big Finish Productions! Read on for our thoughts on each instalment of the Eighth Doctor's latest collection of audio adventures! 1. "Patience" by Tim Foley The TARDIS team find themselves split up across the universe, with no memory of how they got … Continue reading REVIEW | Doctor Who: Stranded 3

REVIEW | Doctor Who: Stranded 2

The Eighth Doctor and his companions return in Stranded 2: an all-new four story boxset from Big Finish. In our rankings of last year's top ten releases (see here), Stranded 1 claimed the top spot, surpassing 2020's other releases with its more laid-back, character-driven storytelling. But can Stranded 2 live up to its predecessor? Read … Continue reading REVIEW | Doctor Who: Stranded 2