REVIEW | Doctor Who: Peladon

Fifty years after our first visit, we return to the planet Peladon for four new audio adventures. Journeying from the reigns of King Peladon and Queen Thalira, to the uncharted future of this far-off world, this new boxset promises political intrigue, adventure, and the return of many, many old friends. But is it any good? … Continue reading REVIEW | Doctor Who: Peladon

Big Finish Top 10 (2021)


Just like that, we've reached the end of another year, and, as usual, we're going to be taking a look back at the top ten Big Finish releases of the last twelve months. It's certainly been quite an exciting year for audio drama, with the long-awaited return of Christopher Eccleston as the Ninth Doctor; the … Continue reading Big Finish Top 10 (2021)

REVIEW | Torchwood: Empire of Shadows

Harvey Edwards tackles the latest Torchwood release, which sees the return of a familiar face... Despite Big Finish having a number of releases exploring 19th Century Torchwood, 1950s Torchwood, 2006 tv-era Torchwood, and 2016-current Torchwood, James Goss's Empire of Shadows is only their second release (after 2016's The Torchwood Archive) that delves into the organisation's future. This release … Continue reading REVIEW | Torchwood: Empire of Shadows

REVIEW | Doctor Who: Dalek Universe 2

WARNING: this review will contain spoilers for Dalek Universe 1, and minor spoilers for Dalek Universe 2. Surprise regenerations! Reunions with old friends! Daleks! Mechnonoids! The Meddling Nun! Dalek Universe 1 (review here) was one of the most exciting releases of this year so far, and now, just two months later, it's time for the … Continue reading REVIEW | Doctor Who: Dalek Universe 2

REVIEW | Out of Time 2: The Gates of Hell

Kieran Brennan takes a look at the second instalment in the Doctor Who: Out of Time series, which pits the Fifth and Tenth Doctors up against a very old enemy... Various hand-waved away time shenanigans have not only brought the Tenth and Fifth Doctors together, but also resulted in a Cyberman ruled Paris! C’mon, what … Continue reading REVIEW | Out of Time 2: The Gates of Hell

REVIEW | Doctor Who: Dalek Universe 1

A new adventure begins for the Tenth Doctor! David Tennant returns in Dalek Universe: an all-new nine-part saga from Big Finish Productions and his first full series as the Doctor since 2008! Joined by Anya Kingdom (Jane Slavin) and Mark Seven (Joe Sims), the Doctor is thrust into a pre-Time War universe, and forced to … Continue reading REVIEW | Doctor Who: Dalek Universe 1

REVIEW: The Tenth Doctor and River Song

After almost 15 years, David Tennant and Alex Kingston reunite as The Tenth Doctor and River Song in this new collection of three audio stories from Big Finish Productions! Here's our review: 1. "Expiry Dating" by James Goss The set opens with the fast-paced, universe-trotting Expiry Dating by James Goss, which is the first story … Continue reading REVIEW: The Tenth Doctor and River Song

Rose Tyler: The Dimension Cannon Review

Ten years after she was last seen in Doctor Who, Billie Piper returns as Rose Tyler for a boxset of audio adventures set in between series 2 and 4 of the show. Following the titular character as she travels parallel universes in search of the Doctor, Rose Tyler: The Dimension Cannon is one of my … Continue reading Rose Tyler: The Dimension Cannon Review

Doctor Who: The Legacy of Time Review (Part Two)

To celebrate 20 years of producing Doctor Who audio drama, Big Finish have released The Legacy of Time, an epic six-part adventure uniting all corners of the Doctor Who universe. Read on to see my thoughts on the final three stories in this incredible set. You can read my thoughts on the first half of … Continue reading Doctor Who: The Legacy of Time Review (Part Two)

The Tenth Doctor Adventures: Volume Three Review

The Doctor and Donna are back in this new boxset, and they're not alone. This time around, they're joined by Wilf, Sylvia and the Judoon in three all-new audio adventures. Definitely one of my most-anticipated releases of the year, this set did not disappoint! Read on to find out my thoughts on each story. 1. … Continue reading The Tenth Doctor Adventures: Volume Three Review