REVIEW: “The Dalek Occupation of Winter”

Today, let's take a look at last year's Early Adventure: "The Dalek Occupation of Winter"! Unique, fascinating, unsettling: these are all words I used to describe David Bartlett's Across the Darkened City (my review of which you can access here), but which are just as applicable to The Dalek Occupation of Winter, which has not … Continue reading REVIEW: “The Dalek Occupation of Winter”

REVIEWS: “The Bounty of Ceres”/”Upstairs”/”The Suffering”

For this series of Retro Reviews, I've decided to combine multiple stories into one post to make things easier. Today, we'll take a look at The Bounty of Ceres, Upstairs and The Suffering: three brilliant adventures for the First Doctor, Vicki and Steven. "The Bounty of Ceres" by Ian Potter Ian Potter's "The Bounty of … Continue reading REVIEWS: “The Bounty of Ceres”/”Upstairs”/”The Suffering”