REVIEW: Doctor Who – Wicked Sisters

The Graceless sisters are back, and this time they're joined by the Doctor (Peter Davison) and Leela (Louise Jameson) in Wicked Sisters: a new three-part audio boxset from Big Finish Productions. Having delved into the Graceless series over the summer (which I absolutely loved- check out my review of series one here), I'm looking forward … Continue reading REVIEW: Doctor Who – Wicked Sisters

REVIEW: Shadow of the Daleks

The Fifth Doctor enters the Time War in Shadow of the Daleks, a two-part audio adventure released over October and November 2020. Conceived during lockdown and recorded virtually with a very small cast, this is undeniably an experimental release, and one that has intrigued me since it was first announced back in July. As it's … Continue reading REVIEW: Shadow of the Daleks

SHORT TRIPS REVIEWS: “The Meaning of Red”/”Her Own Bootstraps”

It's been a busy couple of weeks in the Short Trips range, with both Her Own Bootstraps and The Meaning of Red (both by authors new to Big Finish!) being released, as well as the two Time Lord Victorious releases Master Thief and Lesser Evils (review here). With these two being released to close together, … Continue reading SHORT TRIPS REVIEWS: “The Meaning of Red”/”Her Own Bootstraps”

REVIEW: Downward Spiral

This month's Short Trips release is Downward Spiral, a new adventure for the Fifth Doctor and Nyssa written by Alan Flanagan. Narrated by Sarah Sutton, this story sees the travellers arrive on a small spaceship heading to Venus, which they soon realise is being targeted by a malevolent force. The plot itself is relatively simple, … Continue reading REVIEW: Downward Spiral

REVIEW: “The Second Oldest Question”

The Short Trips range continues with The Second Oldest Question, a brand new Fifth Doctor and Nyssa story written by Carrie Thompson. It's a delightfully oddball story, all about a village putting a chicken on trial for arson. With the Doctor taking on the role of the chicken's defendant, we gradually uncover the truth behind … Continue reading REVIEW: “The Second Oldest Question”

REVIEW: “Tartarus”

A new Fifth Doctor trilogy begins with Tartarus, which not only introduces a new companion to travel alongside the Doctor, Nyssa and Tegan, but also crosses over with one of the Big Finish Originals: Cicero. I must admit I've not yet heard Cicero, but as a student of Roman history myself, I'm incredibly eager to, … Continue reading REVIEW: “Tartarus”

Doctor Who: The Legacy of Time Review (Part Two)

To celebrate 20 years of producing Doctor Who audio drama, Big Finish have released The Legacy of Time, an epic six-part adventure uniting all corners of the Doctor Who universe. Read on to see my thoughts on the final three stories in this incredible set. You can read my thoughts on the first half of … Continue reading Doctor Who: The Legacy of Time Review (Part Two)

The Fifth Doctor at Big Finish: A Top 5

It's Peter Davison's birthday, so what better time to look at some of the fantastic audio adventures he's featured in from Big Finish? Check out my top 5 below! "The Emerald Tiger" by Barnaby Edwards Set in colonial India, The Emerald Tiger is a story full of adventure and excitement, brought to life by Howard … Continue reading The Fifth Doctor at Big Finish: A Top 5

“Devil in the Mist” Review

"Devil in the Mist" is the first release in Big Finish's monthly range this year, featuring the Fifth Doctor, Tegan, Turlough and (for the first time in an audio adventure) the robotic shapeshifter Kamelion. How does  the first adventure for this TARDIS team shape up? Read on to find out! Written by Cavan Scott and directed by Ken Bentley, "Devil in the Mist" is set between "The King's Demons" and "The Five Doctors", telling the story of the Doctor, Tegan and Turlough's first adventure with Kamelion on board. It's packed … Continue reading “Devil in the Mist” Review