REVIEW | The War Master: Killing Time

After an outstanding start with Only the Good and The Master of Callous (review here), The War Master range has petered out somewhat, with more recent releases not quite reaching the heights of those earlier boxsets. But now the War Master is back, and this time he's going up against a powerful new enemy... and … Continue reading REVIEW | The War Master: Killing Time

REVIEW | The War Doctor Begins: Forged in Fire

Four years after John Hurt's sad passing, the War Doctor is back in this new boxset of three audio adventures! Jonathon Carley takes up the mantle of this particular incarnation of our favourite Time Lord in a new series chronicling his earliest adventures in space and time: The War Doctor Begins. So far, Big Finish's … Continue reading REVIEW | The War Doctor Begins: Forged in Fire

RETRO REVIEW | Doctor Who: The Catalyst

It was Louise Jameson's birthday yesterday, so what better time to look back on her first Companion Chronicle in the role of Leela: The Catalyst by Nigel Fairs! This was one of the first Big Finish releases I ever listened to, so it's always been a favourite of mine... but does it stand up to … Continue reading RETRO REVIEW | Doctor Who: The Catalyst

REVIEW | Doctor Who: Dalek Universe 1

A new adventure begins for the Tenth Doctor! David Tennant returns in Dalek Universe: an all-new nine-part saga from Big Finish Productions and his first full series as the Doctor since 2008! Joined by Anya Kingdom (Jane Slavin) and Mark Seven (Joe Sims), the Doctor is thrust into a pre-Time War universe, and forced to … Continue reading REVIEW | Doctor Who: Dalek Universe 1

REVIEW: Shadow of the Daleks

The Fifth Doctor enters the Time War in Shadow of the Daleks, a two-part audio adventure released over October and November 2020. Conceived during lockdown and recorded virtually with a very small cast, this is undeniably an experimental release, and one that has intrigued me since it was first announced back in July. As it's … Continue reading REVIEW: Shadow of the Daleks

REVIEW: The War Master – Hearts of Darkness

The War Master returns! Derek Jacobi is back as the Time Lord we all love to hate, and this time he's joined by Paul McGann as the Eighth Doctor! Sparks flew the last time they met in Rage of the Time Lords, but will Hearts of Darkness be just as good? Read on to find … Continue reading REVIEW: The War Master – Hearts of Darkness

REVIEW: The Eighth Doctor- Time War 4

The Time War rages on in The Eighth Doctor: Time War 4! Read on for my thoughts on each episode. 1. "Palindrome" by John Dorney The set opens with Palindrome, a two-part story by John Dorney. Following on from The War Valeyard in the previous set, which saw the titular character end the Time War … Continue reading REVIEW: The Eighth Doctor- Time War 4

REVIEW: Susan’s War

Almost three years after we saw her accept the summons to the Time War in All Hands on Deck, Susan returns in this boxset of four all-new adventures. Seeing the titular character go up against Daleks, Ogrons, Sensorites and more, as well as reuniting with her grandfather, Susan's War has an incredibly thrilling premise. But … Continue reading REVIEW: Susan’s War

Short Trips: “Battle Scars” Review

The Ninth Doctor gets his first Short Trips release in "Battle Scars" by Selim Ulug. Having thoroughly enjoyed Ulug's "Landbound", which won 2016's Paul Spragg Memorial Short Trip Opportunity, I was incredibly excited to get into this one. Read on to see what I thought. Battle Scars does what Big Finish does best: expanding on … Continue reading Short Trips: “Battle Scars” Review

Ravenous 3 Review

The Ravenous are back, in this new boxset of audio adventures from Big Finish. After an intriguing first two sets, I'm incredibly interested to see where this series goes next. Read on to find out my spoiler-free thoughts! 1. "Deeptime Frontier" by Matt Fitton The opening story of this boxset follows on directly from the … Continue reading Ravenous 3 Review