REVIEW | Torchwood One: Nightmares

Yvonne, Ianto and the Torchwood One team return in Torchwood One: Nightmares, reviewed by George Hewitt Torchwood One is back! After 2019's Latter Days seemed like the last release in the series (it brought the series up to the Doctor Who TV story Army of Ghosts/Doomsday in which Torchwood One originally fell), Nightmares takes us back to 2005, the early days of Torchwood London, … Continue reading REVIEW | Torchwood One: Nightmares

Torchwood One: Latter Days Review

The Torchwood One team return for a third series of adventures with Torchwood One: Latter Days. Revolving around the theme of retirement, this set follows three key characters as they navigate their lives post-Torchwood. Read on for my reviews of each story. 1. "Retirement Plan" by Gareth David-Lloyd The set opens with Retirement Plan, a … Continue reading Torchwood One: Latter Days Review