REVIEW: Torchwood – Coffee

The first Torchwood Monthly Range release of this year is Coffee, written by James Goss. Weaving its way through the first three seasons of TV Torchwood, this story follows cafĂ© baristas David (Shaun Chambers) and Kathy (Sarah Griffin) as they become caught up in various alien invasions after meeting Ianto Jones (Gareth David-Lloyd). Right from … Continue reading REVIEW: Torchwood – Coffee

REVIEW: Torchwood – The Crown

The final Torchwood release of 2020, The Crown by Jonathan Barnes, sees the return of Queen Victoria in a chilling, Christmassy ghost story. It opens on Christmas Eve, with Doctor Gideon Parr (Derek Riddell) being called away to an asylum. There, he meets Victoria (Rowena Cooper), who tells him a story about a mysterious vagrant, … Continue reading REVIEW: Torchwood – The Crown

REVIEW: Torchwood – The Three Monkeys

The Torchwood Monthly Range continues with The Three Monkeys, by James Goss. This script brings back the popular pairing of Andy (Tom Price) and Owen (Burn Gorman), who we follow as they stake out a local businessman's house and, in so doing, uncover a sinister alien plot involving... a toy monkey?! It's a very Torchwood … Continue reading REVIEW: Torchwood – The Three Monkeys

REVIEW: Torchwood Soho- Parasite

Ever since his debut in 2016's Ghost Mission, Norton Folgate (Samuel Barnett) has been a fan-favourite character... and now he's got his own series! Torchwood Soho: Parasite follows Folgate as he and his very own Torchwood team investigate strange goings-on in 1950s London, coming across strange Nazi packages, a pub that lies outside of time … Continue reading REVIEW: Torchwood Soho- Parasite

REVIEW: Torchwood- Red Base

The Torchwood monthly range continues with Red Base, written by James Goss. Set in Starr Base, a practice Mars base set up in a Welsh quarry, this story sees Andy Davidson (Tom Price) arrive to investigate the mysterious deaths of three crew members. As he becomes further involved, he finds himself trapped inside the base … Continue reading REVIEW: Torchwood- Red Base

Torchwood: “Tropical Beach Sounds and Other Relaxing Seascapes #4” Review

The Torchwood monthly range returns after a month's absence with Tropical Beach Sounds and Other Relaxing Seascapes #4 (what a title!), written by Tim Foley and starring none other than Sir Michael Palin of Monty Python fame. One of the things I love about the audio medium is how it can stretch the limits of … Continue reading Torchwood: “Tropical Beach Sounds and Other Relaxing Seascapes #4” Review

REVIEW: “Dead Man’s Switch”

This month's Torchwood release is Dead Man's Switch by David Llewellyn, a gripping tale that follows three strangers as they wake up on a broken-down train. Throughout the story, we discover how they came to be in this situation through spooky vignettes, which illustrate how, after meeting the mysterious Bilis Manger, their lives were all … Continue reading REVIEW: “Dead Man’s Switch”

Torchwood One: Latter Days Review

The Torchwood One team return for a third series of adventures with Torchwood One: Latter Days. Revolving around the theme of retirement, this set follows three key characters as they navigate their lives post-Torchwood. Read on for my reviews of each story. 1. "Retirement Plan" by Gareth David-Lloyd The set opens with Retirement Plan, a … Continue reading Torchwood One: Latter Days Review

Torchwood: “The Vigil” Review

The Torchwood monthly range continues with The Vigil by Lou Morgan, a tale that follows Tosh as she brings the body of an ex-colleague, Sebastian Vaughan, back to his family home. We flash from past to present, uncovering the circumstances leading to Tosh's mission, and the relationship between her and Sebastian. Morgan has an excellent … Continue reading Torchwood: “The Vigil” Review