RETRO REVIEW | Doctor Who: The Catalyst

It was Louise Jameson's birthday yesterday, so what better time to look back on her first Companion Chronicle in the role of Leela: The Catalyst by Nigel Fairs! This was one of the first Big Finish releases I ever listened to, so it's always been a favourite of mine... but does it stand up to … Continue reading RETRO REVIEW | Doctor Who: The Catalyst

The Comic Strip Adaptations Review

The Fourth Doctor returns in a new series of audio adventures adapted from Doctor Who Magazine's comic strip. Having never read the original strips, I was excited to see what all the hype was about, and these two stories definitely delivered! Read on to find out what I thought of each story. "Doctor Who and … Continue reading The Comic Strip Adaptations Review

SEASON 18 REVIEW: “The Leisure Hive”

My Season 18 boxset has arrived, and with it a new series of reviews! Join me as I journey into uncharted territory and watch and review Tom Baker's final season as the Fourth Doctor. First up: "The Leisure Hive". Right from the opening scene, a seemingly-endless pan over Brighton Beach, I knew this story was … Continue reading SEASON 18 REVIEW: “The Leisure Hive”