CAPSULE REVIEW | Doctor Who: Colditz

The Doctor and Ace arrive in Germany, 1944… right in the middle of Colditz Castle! Imprisoned by the bloodthirsty Kurtz, the two must fight for their freedom, or face death in one of Nazi Germany’s most formidable prisoner of war camps. As Ace ingratiates herself with the other prisoners and plots an escape, the Doctor encounters the mysterious Klein: a woman from the future who, somehow, has gained control of the TARDIS!

Colditz is a strong story from start to finish, with a very mature and sometimes grim atmosphere which really fits the pairing of the Seventh Doctor and Ace. Both Sylvester McCoy and Sophie Aldred put in strong performances throughout, perfectly capturing the frustration and despair their characters feel as they’re put through the wringer by their captors. Meanwhile, David Tennant (in the days before he played the Doctor) is absolutely terrifying as Kurtz and Tracey Childs proves herself more than a match for McCoy in their many gripping scenes together; it’s no wonder Big Finish would bring her character back for more in the future.

Overall, Colditz puts a really interesting spin on the tried-and-true World War Two story, with writer Steve Lyons keeping tight focus on character and ensuring that their experiences in this tale have a lasting impact on them. Recommended.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Doctor Who: Colditz is available as a download from


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