The Companion Chronicles: A Top Five

Big Finish is holding a sale on the acclaimed Companion Chronicles range this week, so what better time to take a look at some of our favourite stories in the series?

5. “Solitaire” by John Dorney

John Dorney‘s debut script for Big Finish pits India Fisher’s Charley Pollard against the Celestial Toymaker (David Baile) in a two-hander full of twists and turns. Both actors put on fine performances, with Fisher’s plummy pluckiness working well against Baile’s slightly sinister teasing, and the lack of narration gives the story a unique feel.

4. “Upstairs” by Mat Coward

A charming tale which follows the First Doctor, Steven (Peter Purves) and Vicki (Maureen O’Brien) explore the attics of 10 Downing Street which, due to the alien threat of the story, seem to stretch through time as well as space. Much of the first episode is devoted to this exploration, which gives the story lots of time to focus on the characters before the plot kicks in in part two. Great stuff.

3. “The Catalyst” by Nigel Fairs

A gorgeously Gothic story that sees a post-Time War Leela recount an encounter with a Z’nai warrior. Louise Jameson gives us some evocative narration, while Timothy Watson is impeccable as the terrifying H’mbrackle, performances complemented by exquisite sound design from David Darlington.

2. “The Last Post” by James Goss

With a flawless script bolstered by two barnstorming performances from Caroline John and Rowena Cooper and some of the best sound design, The Last Post is an exquisite release, with each of the elements coming together to form something very special indeed.

1. “Home Truths” by Simon Guerrier

A truly sensational slice of audio drama, with author Simon Guerrier taking one of Doctor Who’s lesser-known companions and crafting a beautifully-written story around her. Jean Marsh and Niall MacGregor put in amazing performances, underscored by evocative sound design and music. Haunting, emotional and without a doubt the best Companion Chronicle out there.

And if you’re picking up this one, be sure to get the other two stories in the trilogy: The Drowned World and The Guardian of the Solar System. They’re excellent too!

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