RETRO REVIEW: “A Death in the Family”

Whenever I look at lists of top Big Finish stories, this one is always at the top, so I was a little concerned when I started listening to it. Would it live up to the hype? Could this really be the best Big Finish story ever? The short answer? Yes, on both counts. Read on … Continue reading RETRO REVIEW: “A Death in the Family”

RETRO REVIEW: “Project: Destiny”

The final three stories in the Retro Reviews series are upon us and, following on from the shocking ending of "The Angel of Scutari" is the first: Cavan Scott and Mark Wright's "Project: Destiny". After enjoying both their previous Forge stories, I'm excited to see how this one shapes up. Read on to find out, … Continue reading RETRO REVIEW: “Project: Destiny”

RETRO REVIEW: “The Angel of Scutari”

Following the stellar "The Magic Mousetrap" and "Enemy of the Daleks" is the final story in this Seventh Doctor trilogy. Will "The Angel of Scutari" deliver a hat trick? Or will it let the trilogy down? Read on to find out, and beware spoilers! This story follows directly on from Enemy of the Daleks, with … Continue reading RETRO REVIEW: “The Angel of Scutari”

RETRO REVIEW: “Enemy of the Daleks”

The Seventh Doctor, Ace and Hex storyline continues with "Enemy of the Daleks". Does this story continue the high standard set by "The Magic Mousetrap"? Or will this trilogy of adventures fall flat? Read on to find out, and beware: there will be spoilers! Written by David Bishop and directed by Ken Bentley, this story … Continue reading RETRO REVIEW: “Enemy of the Daleks”

RETRO REVIEW: “The Magic Mousetrap”

Our series of Retro Reviews resumes with Matthew Sweet's brilliant "The Magic Mousetrap". This review will contain spoilers, so read on at your own risk! Directed by Ken Bentley, this is a twisty-turny story taking place in a sanatorium atop a Swiss mountain. A group of mysterious strangers have been gathered together to play seemingly … Continue reading RETRO REVIEW: “The Magic Mousetrap”

The Eighth of March Review

To commemorate International Women's Day 2019, Big Finish released "The Eighth of March: a collection of four stories, written by women, directed by women and starring some of the female characters from the Doctor Who universe. This is undeniably a very special release, and thankfully it's an absolute success! Read on to find out what … Continue reading The Eighth of March Review

RETRO REVIEW: “Thicker Than Water”

In our next Retro Review, we rejoin the Sixth Doctor and Evelyn... but things have changed between the two. This review will contain spoilers, so read on at your own risk! Set after Evelyn's departure from the TARDIS, this story is a sequel to "Arrangements for War", taking place during the Doctor's travels with Mel … Continue reading RETRO REVIEW: “Thicker Than Water”

RETRO REVIEW: “The Harvest”

It's time for the first (proper) Seventh Doctor release in the Retro Reviews series, and we're kicking off with "The Harvest", wherein we are introduced to a new companion, and come face to face with the villainous Cybermen. This review will contain spoilers, so read on at your own risk. What struck me first about … Continue reading RETRO REVIEW: “The Harvest”

RETRO REVIEW: “Project: Lazarus”

Having finished the wonderful "Project: Twilight", it's time to review the next installment in the Hex/Evelyn arc: Cavan Scott and Mark Wright's "Project: Lazarus". Beware, this review WILL contain spoilers. The first two parts of this story follow the Sixth Doctor and Evelyn, as they return to Norway to pick up half-vampire Cassie (Rosie Cavaliero) from Project: Twilight. There, they … Continue reading RETRO REVIEW: “Project: Lazarus”

COMING SOON: Big Finish Retro Reviews

As you may have noticed, this blog has so far only been reviewing the most recent releases from Big Finish. All of that's set to change soon, when I start taking a look at some of the older releases in the Big Finish catalogue. I've decided to begin my Big Finish Retro Reviews by journeying back through the Monthly Range and following the Evelyn/Hex arc. I'm really excited to … Continue reading COMING SOON: Big Finish Retro Reviews