REVIEW: Masterful

WRITERS WANTED! If you’re someone who’s passionate about Doctor Who and/or Big Finish, we’d love to have you on board! Send us a DM on Twitter, or send us an email at to get in touch. To celebrate 50 years of the Master, Big Finish Productions have released Masterful: a multi-disc extravaganza starring the Doctor's … Continue reading REVIEW: Masterful

SHORT TRIPS REVIEWS: “The Meaning of Red”/”Her Own Bootstraps”

It's been a busy couple of weeks in the Short Trips range, with both Her Own Bootstraps and The Meaning of Red (both by authors new to Big Finish!) being released, as well as the two Time Lord Victorious releases Master Thief and Lesser Evils (review here). With these two being released to close together, … Continue reading SHORT TRIPS REVIEWS: “The Meaning of Red”/”Her Own Bootstraps”

TIME LORD VICTORIOUS: “Master Thief/Lesser Evils” Review

Time Lord Victorious is a new multi-platform Doctor Who project comprising of several stories told across all different media. With the release of these two new Short Trips, Big Finish begin their contribution to this exciting saga, which will continue over the next few months, culminating in the thrilling multi-Doctor story Echoes of Extinction. But, … Continue reading TIME LORD VICTORIOUS: “Master Thief/Lesser Evils” Review

REVIEW: Doctor Who – These Stolen Hours

This month's Short Trip is These Stolen Hours, a new adventure for the Sixth Doctor and Charley written by Grace Knight. Read by India Fisher, this story sees the Doctor and Charley arrive on a space station made of glass, where a group of researchers have lost their memories of the past two weeks. Joining … Continue reading REVIEW: Doctor Who – These Stolen Hours

REVIEW: Downward Spiral

This month's Short Trips release is Downward Spiral, a new adventure for the Fifth Doctor and Nyssa written by Alan Flanagan. Narrated by Sarah Sutton, this story sees the travellers arrive on a small spaceship heading to Venus, which they soon realise is being targeted by a malevolent force. The plot itself is relatively simple, … Continue reading REVIEW: Downward Spiral

REVIEW: “The Second Oldest Question”

The Short Trips range continues with The Second Oldest Question, a brand new Fifth Doctor and Nyssa story written by Carrie Thompson. It's a delightfully oddball story, all about a village putting a chicken on trial for arson. With the Doctor taking on the role of the chicken's defendant, we gradually uncover the truth behind … Continue reading REVIEW: “The Second Oldest Question”

Short Trips: “Battle Scars” Review

The Ninth Doctor gets his first Short Trips release in "Battle Scars" by Selim Ulug. Having thoroughly enjoyed Ulug's "Landbound", which won 2016's Paul Spragg Memorial Short Trip Opportunity, I was incredibly excited to get into this one. Read on to see what I thought. Battle Scars does what Big Finish does best: expanding on … Continue reading Short Trips: “Battle Scars” Review

SHORT TRIPS: “The Astrea Conspiracy” Review

2019 seems to be a year of firsts for Big Finish. Only last month we saw the audio debuts of the Eric Roberts Master and Missy, and now here's the first release featuring the Twelfth Doctor! Let's see how it shapes up... Following Aphra Behn as she seeks out those conspiring to kill Charles II, this Short Trip introduced me to … Continue reading SHORT TRIPS: “The Astrea Conspiracy” Review