REVIEW: “The Second Oldest Question”

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The Short Trips range continues with The Second Oldest Question, a brand new Fifth Doctor and Nyssa story written by Carrie Thompson. It’s a delightfully oddball story, all about a village putting a chicken on trial for arson. With the Doctor taking on the role of the chicken’s defendant, we gradually uncover the truth behind what’s going on in Snittlegarth, and the answer is definitely not what you might expect!

Thompson’s prose is incredibly vivid, full of evocative adjectives and delightful description. Narrated stories can sometimes be rather dry, but this is certainly not the case with The Second Oldest Question; Thompson constantly surprises with the words she chooses, and this makes it entertaining throughout.

Sarah Sutton is just fantastic in this story, giving one of the best performances I’ve heard from her. As narrator of the tale, she brings all the story’s characters to life, and does so with aplomb, adopting a wide variety of accents and tones that ensures each character is distinct.


Quirky and unique, this is a great Big Finish debut for Carrie Thompson, and a wonderful showcase of Sarah Sutton‘s acting talent. The story perhaps drags a little in the middle, but this is by and large a strong entry in the Short Trips range. Recommended.

The Second Oldest Question is now available as a download from


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