REVIEW | The Third Doctor Adventures: Volume 8

The Third Doctor returns in two new adventures! Volume 8 of the Third Doctor Adventures series sees everyone's favourite Time Lord, brought to life by the inimitable Tim Treloar, reunite with Jo Grant and Sarah Jane Smith as he faces the lizard-like Draconians in the depths of space, and a diabolical beast with cloven hooves … Continue reading REVIEW | The Third Doctor Adventures: Volume 8

REVIEW | Lady Christina: Series 2

Lady Christina is back! After her first boxset of audio adventures back in 2018, Michelle Ryan reprises the role of everyone's favourite aristocratic cat burglar in three new stories from Big Finish. While the first boxset was a lot of fun, with four entertaining-if-light episodes, Lady Christina: Series 2 promises to take things up a … Continue reading REVIEW | Lady Christina: Series 2

REVIEW | The Third Doctor Adventures: Volume 7

The Third Doctor Adventures range is breaking new ground as it delves for the first time into the worlds of Season 7 and Season 11! Tim Treloar returns as the Third Doctor, joined by Jon Culshaw as the Brigadier and, for the first time in this range, Daisy Ashford as Liz Shaw and Sadie Miller … Continue reading REVIEW | The Third Doctor Adventures: Volume 7

REVIEW | Doctor Who: Stranded 2

The Eighth Doctor and his companions return in Stranded 2: an all-new four story boxset from Big Finish. In our rankings of last year's top ten releases (see here), Stranded 1 claimed the top spot, surpassing 2020's other releases with its more laid-back, character-driven storytelling. But can Stranded 2 live up to its predecessor? Read … Continue reading REVIEW | Doctor Who: Stranded 2

Doctor Who: The Legacy of Time Review (Part One)

To celebrate 20 years of producing Doctor Who audio drama, Big Finish have released The Legacy of Time, an epic six-part adventure uniting all corners of the Doctor Who universe. Read on to see my thoughts on the first three stories in this incredible set. 1. "Lies in Ruins" by James Goss The Legacy of … Continue reading Doctor Who: The Legacy of Time Review (Part One)

The Eighth of March Review

To commemorate International Women's Day 2019, Big Finish released "The Eighth of March: a collection of four stories, written by women, directed by women and starring some of the female characters from the Doctor Who universe. This is undeniably a very special release, and thankfully it's an absolute success! Read on to find out what … Continue reading The Eighth of March Review