SHORT TRIPS: “The Revisionists” Review

The first Short Trip of 2019 is out now, and with a new producer, a new cover design and a new writer to the range, it feels almost like the series is getting a reboot for the new year. But how does “The Revisionists” shape up? Read on to find out!

Written by Andy Frankham-Allen and read by Louise Jameson, “The Revisionists” is an absolute success. It does what the Short Trips range does best: taking a character and exploring their reactions to a situation… but twice, which makes it all the more effective. Allen has an excellent grasp on both Leela and the Brigadier, and this story is full of delightful moments for both characters.

The interactions between both characters are excellently written and, after hearing this story, I realise what a shame it is the two never met on television. Leela and the Brig make such a great pair, and I’d happily listen to another tale featuring the two of them.

Dealing with an empty hotel (realised with flair by sound designer Richard Fox), memory-wiping ghosts and a very interesting race of aliens, the plot is compelling as well. The core idea is so good, in fact, that I could easily see it filling a whole story.

As one of my favourite Classic Who companions, it was great to see Leela explored in such detail here, with Louise Jameson (as usual) bringing the character to life brilliantly. She also gives voice to the Fourth Doctor and the Brigadier, which she does with some brio.

Overall, “The Revisionists” is strong in both character and plot, and as such is a superb start to 2019’s run of Short Trips. Recommended.


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