RETRO REVIEW: “Lurkers at Sunlight’s Edge”

The Retro Reviews series reaches its end with this final review. Will “Lurkers at Sunlight’s Edge” be able to continue the extremely high standard set by “A Death in the Family”? Or will it fall flat? Read on to find out!

Lurkers at Sunlight’s Edge is an interesting story in many respects. It’s decidedly Lovecraftian, dealing with a terrible creature sealed away in a lost citadel on a remote Alaskan island. This is definitely a highlight, giving this release a unique edge that sets it apart from other audios in the range. Unfortunately, it’s pretty much the only highlight.

Even Steve Foxon‘s fantastic-as-usual score and sound design can’t save this muddled and boring script. Where the last story characterised the Doctor, Ace and Hex perfectly, there’s none of that here. Not a single one of the emotional threads from A Death in the Family is picked up here, which is surprising, given the way we left off.

None of the guest characters are likable or memorable in any way and, in some cases (and incredibly rarely for Big Finish), their performances leave a lot to be desired.

Final Thoughts

All in all, a rather dull end to this set of stories. A by-the-numbers Doctor Who story elevated from average only by the great sound design and innovative tone.


Lurkers at Sunlight’s Edge can be purchased on CD or as a download from

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