REVIEW: Torchwood “Dissected”

Martha Jones is back! Ten years after she last appeared in The End of Time, Freema Agyeman finally makes her Big Finish debut in this new Torchwood adventure: “Dissected”… but has it been worth the wait? Read on to find out!

Written by Tim Foley, Dissected sees Gwen Cooper (Eve Myles) turn up on Martha’s doorstep with a mysterious corpse, seeking answers about why it still appears to be alive. As they set about finding the truth, the two old friends realise that since they last saw one another, a lot has changed…

Set between The Stolen Earth and The End of Time, this story explains Martha’s progression from the UNIT doctor she was in the former to the freelance alien fighter she was in the latter. Just like with Rose in last year’s The Dimension Cannon boxset, it’s great to have this huge gap in Martha’s timeline filled and I hope we get more stories from her post-Doctor life soon.

Freema Agyeman returns to the role as if no time has passed, effortlessly bringing back the smart, resourceful character we know and love while putting a new spin on things. The Martha we meet here is a little more tired and jaded than the energetic character we saw on screen: an excellent new direction to push the character in.

Gwen is the audience surrogate for most of this story, sharing in the listener’s lack of knowledge about what has happened to Martha and uncovering the mystery along with us. Eve Myles does a great job as always; she has great chemistry with Agyeman and I can totally see why the team at Big Finish chose to place these two characters together for this story.

Final Thoughts

Dissected is a fantastic way to bring Martha Jones back into the Whoniverse, returning to the character we’re familiar with while developing her story in exciting, meaningful ways. I’m so glad Freema Agyeman has come to Big Finish and, after this, I can’t wait to hear more from Martha soon. Recommended.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Torchwood: Dissected is available now on CD or as a download from

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