REVIEW: “Dead Man’s Switch”

This month’s Torchwood release is Dead Man’s Switch by David Llewellyn, a gripping tale that follows three strangers as they wake up on a broken-down train. Throughout the story, we discover how they came to be in this situation through spooky vignettes, which illustrate how, after meeting the mysterious Bilis Manger, their lives were all turned upside-down.

Murray Melvin returns as Bilis, and gives a marvellously sinister performance. His cold politesse combined with the subtle menace in each and every word makes every line he speaks spine-tinglingly chilling. We know so little about Bilis (and learn very little here), and that’s what makes this story such a success; we never know whose side he’s on or what his motives are.

The guest cast here is incredibly strong. From repulsive property developer Piers (Timothy Blore) and ruthless antiques dealer Rowena (Maxine Evans) to heartbroken hairdresser Zoe (Mali Ann Rhys), all of the characters are fantastically complex and compelling.

Final Thoughts

Overall, Dead Man’s Switch is another successful release in one of the most consistently brilliant ranges Big Finish is currently producing. Murray Melvin is excellent as the sinister Bilis Manger, the guest cast are all on point and the story is unique and captivating. Recommended.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Torchwood: Dead Man’s Switch is available on CD or as a download from

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