RETRO REVIEW: “Project: Lazarus”

Having finished the wonderful “Project: Twilight”, it’s time to review the next installment in the Hex/Evelyn arc: Cavan Scott and Mark Wright’s “Project: Lazarus”. Beware, this review WILL contain spoilers.

The first two parts of this story follow the Sixth Doctor and Evelyn, as they return to Norway to pick up half-vampire Cassie (Rosie Cavaliero) from Project: Twilight. There, they become caught up in the exploits of a professor, who’s chasing the huldra of Scandinavian myth.

The Cassie we meet here is rather a different character from the one we heard in Project: Twilight. Now a member of the Forge, she’s far more ruthless, and it was shocking to hear this heretofore timid and quiet character acting so callously towards the Doctor and Evelyn. I felt that her sudden reversal at the end of part two was a little unearned, but her resulting death led to some great moments for Evelyn that I’m sure will have consequences in the future.

The Doctor is well-characterised here; the opening moments of the story with Evelyn are quintessential Old Sixie, while his reaction to Cassie’s death at the end of part two is chilling. I’m interested to see where his and Evelyn’s dynamic goes from here…

The second half of the story sees the Seventh Doctor arrive at the Forge, where he discovers that the Sixth Doctor has started working there. Or so it seems… The revelation that the Forge have actually cloned the Sixth Doctor was jaw-dropping, but totally made sense given all the experiments they did on him in part two.

It’s great to hear the Seventh Doctor interacting with the Sixth; this story shows us just how much darker this incarnation is. Sylvester McCoy puts in one of the strongest performances I’ve yet heard from him at Big Finish.

Final Thoughts

The Sixth and Seventh Doctors collide in yet another great release by Cavan Scott and Mark Wright. With some ominous hints about the future, particularly concerning Evelyn and the Forge, Project: Lazarus has left me excited to see how all of this pans out.


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